LunchBadger Platform is now Express Serverless Platform

Express Serverless Platform has arrived!

After three long months of hard work, we’re proud to announce that the LunchBadger Platform is now the Express Serverless Platform. New name, new features and an opportunity to experience a visual canvas ripe with all the important functionality that developers need, without the hype.


TLDR: Install ESP right over here


For Developers, DevOps teams and CTOs driving impact in top companies, it’s not just a name change – it’s a game changer and we can’t wait to show you why.

What is A Serverless Platform?

When you’re developing and launching an application, you’ve got enough to worry about. As you may already know, serverless is a category of cloud computing that allows users to develop run and manage application functionalities without the complexity of building and maintaining infrastructure.


A serverless platform is a cloud offering that provides serverless computing and covers the complete systems development lifecycle (SDLC). A serverless platform should allow you to  develop microservices as functions and expose them seamlessly as APIs – all in one simplified developer centric experience.


At LunchBadger, we built Express Serverless Platform with this vision.


Flexibility to Choose Between Model Driven Functions and Barebone Serverless Functions

Express Serverless Platform is the only serverless platform to allow developers to build microservices as either model functions or barebone serverless functions.  Model driven functions are special Node.js functions with pre-built functionality that developers needs like object properties, CRUD and a dynamically generated REST interface. Barebone Serverless functions have no pre-built functionality, but you can write your function in Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, .NET,  PHP, and Java.


Flexibility of Open Source With The Power of a Single Visual Canvas

Express Serverless Platform provides a serverless computing experience by integrating all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle  holistically as one seamless experience powered by our visual interface – the Canvas. Built with a foundation of best practices, your entire team can visualize your APIs and Microservices without diving into the complex world of infrastructure.

We’ve included key pieces of developer trusted open source technology.

  • Express Gateway – a microservices API Gateway, built entirely on Express.js
  • Kubernetes – the foremost container orchestrator for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications,
  • – the leading enterprise Node.js framework to write microservices and expose APIs
  • Serverless – a framework to abstract writing functions so that you can run them in multiple serverless engines
  • Kubeless – a Kubernetes native serverless engine

By bringing together important open source technology into a single platform, you can unlock the superhero in every DevOps team and developer with technology that is transparent, highly extensible and backed by rich communities.


Express Serverless Platform and Seamless Kubernetes Orchestration

We’re huge fans of Kubernetes and recognized early on that Kubernetes was going to change the landscape for developers building next-gen applications.

“As we move forward, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the future will be containerized and those containers will run on serverless infrastructure.” – Brendan Burns, Source: The NewStack

We agree and this is why we included automated deployment in a Kubernetes Runtime so that you don’t have to “figure it all out” yourself.


In Practicum: Express Serverless Platform, Kubernetes and AWS Lambda

Running Express Serverless Platform for AWS means you can utilize Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) and AWS Lambda at the same time. Giving developers freedom of choice with container based processes or serverless functions was top of mind while we crafted Express Serverless Platform. Running Express Serverless Platform also means you won’t have to pay for the real cost of running serverless on Lambda – the AWS API Gateway – because Express Serverless Platform utilizes Express Gateway, an open source microservices API gateway we started at LunchBadger.


Your Cloud. Your Cloud Everywhere with Express Serverless Platform.

Express Serverless Platform runs in your public cloud of choice and can take advantage of fully managed Kubernetes and serverless offerings native to your public cloud. Express Serverless Platform is also wholly self contained. This means that it can run on bare metal or virtual machines in Kubernetes as a multi-cloud and on-premise solution.


What Happens Next with Express Serverless Platform

If you’re interested in giving Express Serverless Platform a try, head over to our install page. We’re looking for feedback and real world use cases that Express Serverless Platform could help solve. Let us know what you think!