Building Serverless Based Functions

Fired up! Ready to go!

You’ve heard every buzzword. Microservices, APIs, Kubernetes and serverless just to name a few catchy ones. Let’s get real for a moment and acknowledge that these are just fancy words for the work that you and your team are doing day in and day out.  What if there was a way to do this work that was less painful? Less frustrating?


Using Express Serverless Platform, we believe in the power of developers. From day 1, our ambitious mission has been to make life a little easier for developers. When developers get the job done quicker, businesses grow faster. It’s just that simple. So, when you access Express Serverless Platform, you’re treated to a visual canvas with drag-n-drop, automatic deployment of your microservices in a Kubernetes Runtime so you don’t have to navigate all of the complexity and so much more.

In a matter of minutes, you can get serverless function based microservices up and running. You may already know the drill: connect legacy data sources, deploy this business logic using functions and finish it out by exposing this new functionality as a brand new API. New APIs in less time than it takes to order the next flat of Red Bull off Amazon Prime (we tested this!).


What seems like an easy task….is actually complex and hard.


We get it. So, instead of doing all of the day-in-day-out heavy lifting, you can focus on business requirements, logic and how your microservices are being automatically deployed to a Kubernetes Runtime.  


As part of using Express Serverless Platform, you get a documented walkthrough that will take you through the entire process. From choosing your data source to creating API Endpoints and tracing your API workflow, the environment lets you try out all of the features and get a taste for how easy composing, managing and deploying APIs and Microservices can be. Finding and exploring next gen technology like Express Serverless Platform isn’t just for ease-of-use. If you want to stay agile and continue to build, code and deploy fast – you need new ways of working that will drive your business forward.


Express Gateway is the API Gateway of Choice in Express Serverless Platform

As cosponsors of Express Gateway, you’ve heard us talk a lot about the open source API Gateway. Guilty as charged. In the Express Serverless platform you can put Express Gateway to work exposing and managing your microservices for consumption as APIs. Deploy or configure an API gateway to connect your APIs – internally or externally. Quickly scaling your application is just that simple. So, when it came time to choosing an API Gateway that was cloud agnostic, flexible and developer friendly, Express Gateway was the right choice.


In case you’re not familiar with the project, Express Gateway is built on Express.js, a minimalistic framework for Node.js. For enterprises, it’s clear that implementing and supporting an API Gateway can be difficult. In fact, as maintainers of Express Gateway, we’ve found more than a few enterprises shared critical support needs.


As part of the environment, you can learn more about Express Gateway and get the support you need to build web applications, mobile, B2B integrations, or deploy your developer SDK fast and easy. 


Kubernetes Runtime and What’s Next for Express Serverless Platform

As we look forward to building out the Express Serverless Platform, we hope to incorporate the important feedback of developers, enterprises and every day builders, like you. Right now, we’ve included an automatic deployment in a Kubernetes Runtime as part of the platform.


This wasn’t an accident – it was direct feedback from enterprises and developers, like you.


Once you’re done with the installation, hit us up in chat or social media and share your use cases, or ask and get answers to tough questions about APIs or Microservices. So, now’s the time to get onboard and help shape the future of Express Serverless Platform!

Additionally, if you’re interested in more of these topics, join the live discussion on twitter @lunchbadger or @express_gateway


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