Developer Guide

LunchBadger API

LunchBadger GitHub Repo

This app can be used as interal API for LunchBadger container application (

Uses fork of loopback-workspace to operate the underlying loopback project

Normally, user can start API with client app bundled inside (client app is served from loopback) by running npm install script and after the installation, the container with all plugins is being downloaded and bundled to single app.

If node_modules are already present (app is installed) you can simply start it with npm start command inside root.

List of all available commands:

# creates dist version of app
npm run dist

# recreates dist version of app when one is already available
npm run dist force

# creates or recreates dist version of app using local configuration (from dev environment)
npm run dist local
npm run dist force local

Skipping client installation

If you want to use LunchBadger API to start loopback api instance only, without creating and waiting for client app to build (because you have different container), when no node_modules are present simply pass npm install --ignore-scripts argument to skip post installation script which downloads the client.