Git Access

All business functionality and custom code for your microservices are stored git repositories.

LunchBadger provide two Git repositories containing your project’s code.

Git Access to Your LunchBadger Project

In order to access git repositories within LunchBadger, you need to upload your public SSH key.

Access the Settings panel by clicking the cogs icon in the top right toolbar.

Public Key

Press + icon to add new SSH key

Example: Copying your SSH key to clipboard on macOS

To copy your public SSH key into the clipboard, open a Terminal window and run the following:

pbcopy < ~/.ssh/

SSH settings

Add a Label to identify the key in the future, paste the contents of your clipboard into the Key field, and click the Upload icon.

Git Repository Access

Models and Connectors to data sources are enabled through LoopBack.

Serverless Functions are enabled through Kubeless

Git Access URL

In the Settings panel, locate the Access via Git section.

Git Repo Structures

Each Git reposistory has its own directory convention and structure.

Model and Connectors

Models and Connectors are within the LoopBack project directory structure.

Refer to the LoopBack project layout reference for more in-depth information about the LoopBack project

The Model JSON based schema and JavaScript files can be found in the server/models directory once you clone the repository for Models and Connectors.


The Functions repository contains a subdirectory for each folder by Function name.


If you have a Function on the Canvas named PriceCalculator, you will have a corresponding top level subdirectory with the same name with all the files related to the Function. The main file for Functions is often the handler.js

For more information on how to structure the code for you serverless Functions refer to the Runtime reference in the Kubeless documentation.